Quick poll guys….. Help me out on this one!

Why do you travel?



How do you like to travel (alone, with family,friends or couch surfing)?
When do you prefer to travel (peak season, lean season, whenever)?

Pls answer the first question… Rest are optional, really 🙂


2 thoughts on “Quick poll guys….. Help me out on this one!

Add yours

  1. I want to see and know the world. Hence I like to travel. Increase outlook, divert from daily mundane life, get to know more stuff to talk with friends, get to take more interesting pictures, relish those moments even later, feels happy, definitely a better use of hard earned money instead of investing or saving it for an uncertain future, last but not least can have an exciting FB profile with proper updates. I can go on writing why I like to travel forever.

  2. As an amateur in photography, travelling far and wide presents me with myriad of opportunities to test and enhance my skills. Apart from that, it gives me a chance to break from the mundane day to day life. Travelling far into lesser known places gives me a sense of adventure and fun.

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