Paris and the Lord of the Rings Easter Eggs

How J.R.R. Toielken's works of fiction inspired travel, and do the characters in the tales live among us today....

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Quick poll guys….. Help me out on this one!

Why do you travel?     How do you like to travel (alone, with family,friends or couch surfing)? When do you prefer to travel (peak season, lean season, whenever)? Pls answer the first question... Rest are optional, really 🙂

Travel Diaries- July 2013 (Part-3)

Day 1 [of 3] at KL The KL List: 1) The Golden Triangle (Bukit Bintang Walk, KLCC and central business district) 2) The Lake Gardens 3) Batu Caves 4) Old KL City Centre (Petaling Jaya (ChinaTown), Medreka Square, Brickfields) 5) The KLIA Express Ride 6)  Jalan Alor & Street Food 7) The Administrative District of... Continue Reading →

Travel Diaries- July 2013 (Part 2)

Passport – Check Visa – Check (Multi Entry one for Malaysia & since Indonesia has visa on arrival for Indian citizens- so didn’t really have it when we started!) Dollars- Check Bee & Mee – Check!!! “Why haven’t you taken maps, Bee?” was my first question- even before the flight took off. “We ‘ll get... Continue Reading →

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